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ECIS®  exclusive - Acquire Innovation

Modeling the quality of cellular interactions

Exclusive ECIS®  :  modeling of the quality of cell interactions thanks to the multi-frequency program (MFT).


Why ECIS platform uses multiple frequencies to measure impedance  :

Current flow depends of the utilized frequency :

  • At low frequency (400Hz), current flows between cells (red arrows), reflect the cell-cell interaction;

ECIS Current flow at Law AC frequencies

  • At high frequency current flows through the cells (green arrows), reflect the cell-substrat coverage;

ECIS Current flow at High AC frequencies   

The data below report the changes of impedance in two duplicate wells following inoculation of MDCK II cells (canine kidney epithelium). Measuring Impedance in the same wells :

  • at 40,000 Hz indicate a confluent layer after 3hours  and
  • at 400 Hz indicate the formation of the barrier function is not completed until about 10 hours after inoculation.

ECIS cell-cell interactions different frequencies

Mathematical modeling of cell interactions :

Only the measurement with several frequencies (ECIS® Z theta only) allows the modeling of cellular interactions, including the study of epithelium or endothelium, and more generally for any system involving cellular interactions.

This model allows to study the quality of cell interactions based on three criteria:

Rb: Resistance between cells

α (alpha) study of the current in the cell and electrode cell space

Cm: the membrane capacitance

modélisation ECIS ®