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Dynamic Mapping - Acquire Innovation

Dynamic cell biology : Dynamic Mapping

Dynamic Cell Biology

What we call dynamic mapping at Acquire Innovation, it materializes through observation of the real time curves, wich indicate the critical moment of transition between two cell states, each state change for a particular cellular event. At Acquire Innovation we isolate each phase and carry a map ( dynamic mapping ), serving as reference table for establishing R&D program.

ECIS® Cardiovascular Deseas app- Dynamic mapping

Exemple of dynamic mapping – macrophages during polarization phase.

The ECIS® platform measures changes in impedance of living cells in real time in conventional culture conditions. These measures offers access to a dynamic approach to generating new knowledge that revolutionize the experimental practices of cell biology.

Dynamic Mapping

Due to the large amount of informations it is possible to collect on cell behavior,  at Acquire Innovation, we use ECIS® as a very first line technology and we use it as a platform. We carry a first experience, allowing to establish a precise kinetic of the cell state change for the short, medium and long term. That is what we call the Dynamic Cell Biology.

This crucial step allows:

  1. To test a wide range of dose responses, and observe the short, medium and long term. Thus we quickly eliminate concentrations that doesn’t seem of interest and we do not miss an effect on the medium and long term;
  2. To define at what time (or the time at which) a chronic exposure may have effects;
  3. To precisely define the “end point(s)” that need to be studied at the molecular biology level according to a rigorous real-time kinectic study. This is the END of hazardous kinetics.

Thereafter we duplicate each study for maximum reproducibility needs. Only real-time studies allow the establishment of such experiences. The ECIS® technology creates a real synergy with conventional laboratory technologies.

The dynamic mapping allows the establishment of biomarkers:

Acquire Innovation uses the impedance data to establish biomarkers. Indeed, for the same mechanism of action on a given cell type, the “set” curves or sometimes the resulting curve will have the same appearance (aspect). This allows the establishment of featured “profiles” that can serve as a reference for a screening or facilitate data interpretation if the database is large enough.

Permanent quality control and chronic tests

ECIS®allows an indispensable permanent quality control, either in the short, medium or long term. It is on the long term that the quality control turns out to be the most practical. Indeed, on differentiated cells and in the context of chronic exposure study for example, it is necessary to maintain the cells in culture for several weeks (e.g. Hepatocytes for Hepatotoxicity assays). It is therefore essential to know the “state” of the cells throughout the experiment. Only the real-time and cell impedance measurements allow such control, without any further study.