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ECIS® PLATFORM - Acquire Innovation

ECIS® (Electric Cell-substrat Impedance Sensing) Our partner for the measurement of cell impedance in real time


Impedance in cell biology allows to study all cellular events in real time.


ECIS®  is an easy to use technology, predictive, highly sensitive and robust.


ECIS®  platform allows to study all cellular events dynamicly : “Dynamic Cell Biology”


The ECIS®  technology offers unique features to study human diseases in vitro

Improve your research with ECIS® AI-Applications

History and Principle of the ECIS®  Technology

The ECIS®  technology has been invented by Ivar Giaever (Nobel Prize in Physic) ……

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ECIS®  Main Features

ECIS®  technology the perfect platform for cell biology : perform “Dynamic” in vitro research in real time, on living cells with a non invasive and label free, technology 

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Dynamic Cell Biology and Dynamic Mapping

ECIS®  plateform allows with all of its features to perform dynamic assay in cell biology. You first can follow your experiment in real time, and second you can built your R&D program based on ECIS® ‘s datas … learn more

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ECIS®  Exclusive

The multi-frequency measurement of impedance and mathematical modeling allow the specific study of cell junctions …

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