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ECIS Application Stem Cell Biology - Acquire Innovation

Real-time Monitoring and Control of cellular events during the differentiation of stem cells : Cell-based impedance application for ECIS platform

Stem Cell Biology app

Quiescence, proliferation and differentiation  are key cellular events of stem cell biology that can be influences by the environnement. Being able to precisely study these events is essential for future therapy, and requires sensitive and appropriate technologies.

The ECIS® platform is very sensitive to monitoring cell morphology, cell growth, cell adhesion, signal transduction. These specifications are all essential to precisely study all the steps of stem cell differentiation.

Furthermore, these measurements are realized in real time on living cells with culture conditions of your choice and label free (i.e, free of any adverse effects).


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Stem cell differentiation (Osteogenesis & Adipogenesis) with ECIS ® platform