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ECIS Application Screening - Acquire Innovation

Optimization of pharmaco-chemical in vitro screening process : Cell-based impedance application for ECIS platform

Screening app

The ECIS® platform, is the perfect tool to discover the drugs of tomorrow and makes real gain of productivity in R&D process.

The realization of pharmacological and chemical screening with the ECIS® platform starts by getting a “screening reference” (positive control). The reference for a screening is the dynamic mapping of cellular events obtained in real time. This dynamic mapping is materialized by the impedance curves obtained during the test.

Performing a screening with the ECIS® platform has major advantages :

  • Only the effect of the screened molecules is observed.
  • The screening process is in real time, on living cells and label free, then you have a total control on the test you performed
  • It offers the sensitivity and robustness required in any screening process.

After the screening process, ECIS® platform could then be used for in vitro toxicology studies (see page toxicology).

The platform is a real gain of productivity for R&D helping for GoNoGo decision.


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