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ECIS Application Inflammatory Diseases - Acquire Innovation

Dynamic study of macrophages polarization in real time : Cell-based impedance application for ECIS Platform

Inflammatory Diseases app

Inflammation is the underlying process of a large number of pathologies ranging from bacterial infection, septic shock, trauma or even cardiometabolic diseases such as atherosclerosis or obesity, among others…

At Acquire Innovation we focus on atherosclerosis by studying the macrophages’ behavior.

Macrophages are one of the leading immune cells that regulate the immune response through their flexibility to the micro-environment.

However the dynamic or real-time study of macrophages is limited by the lack of appropriate technologies.

The ECIS® platform allows to track in real time :

  • Monocyte motility and differentiation in response to pro-atherogenic stimuli
  • Macrophages polarization in response to pro-atherogenic stimuli
  • The endothelium behavior exposed to pro-atherogenic monocytes or macrophages.

Coming soon

Exemple of Impedance-based assays for Inflammatory diseases assay : ECIS® platform Polarization Of Macrophages