Real time your Cells !

In an approach of sharing knowledge, consulting and support, Acquire Innovation provides a list of Real-Time Cell Biology applications also named by us “Dynamics” cell biology applications.These can be achieved using the ECIS® impedance platform.

Our goal is to expend and enrich this list, to help you in your research. If you wish to get updated on the recent ECIS®platform application, you can subscribe to our mailing list “applications”.

The ECIS®platform allows an unique access to state-of-the art knowledges from basic cell biology to complex cellular interactions. This is crucial :

– to understand diseases such as Cancer, Inflammatory diseases …
– to perform with one platform most of the steps of in vitro preclinical research (Toxicology-hepathotoxicology).
– to perform drug discovery.

To learn more about the platform ECIS® Learn more about ECIS®platform