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ABOUT US - Acquire Innovation
logo Acquire innovation

Acquire Innovation Ltd.

Acquire Innovation is a laboratory Specialized in the use of real time cell impedance measurement in Cell Biology. Our goals: to ensure the development of precision medicine products and to promote ECIS® technology deployment.

Experience the ECIS® platform


Pass on our knowledge on the real time measurement of Cell Impedance.

Innovating for tomorrow

Through Cellular Impedance measurements scientists will identify key innovations of tomorrow


Efficacy, efficiency and scientific profitability are at the heart of our approach


We are committed throughout the discovery process of ECIS® platform

Our History

Acquire Innovation Ltd. is primarily the result of a passion for Cell Biology, Innovation and Understanding of cellular mechanisms. We use cell impedance measurement for the development of precision medicine products. Our business model is based on our expertise, and consists in spreading out the ECIS® platform to the Cell Biology Research both in fundamental research and Pharmaceutical Industry.

Acquire Innovation has two objectives:

1- The deployment of ECIS® Platform

2- The development of precision medicine test.

Our mission is basically to enhance the ECIS technology by providing quality advices and passing on our expertise. For this we’re listening to our customers needs.

We have combined all of our R&D projects as “Screening Therapeutics”. These projects are all focused on the development of screening tests in Cancerology. They are the culmination of our expertise on the measurement of cell impedance in real time, and especially ECIS platform.

The areas of application for cell impedance in cell biology are immense. We think, at Acquire Innovation, it is in everyone’s interest to exploit it, either for industry or basic research.