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DRUG DISCOVERY - Acquire Innovation

Combined Computational Drug Design & ECIS Platform

Drug design and lead optimization approach

A drug binding to a pharmacological target can be thought of as 3D shapes fitting together like puzzle pieces. The SCULPT platform extracts these contact points and uses the target topology to systematically build millions of synthetically accessible small molecule to match these features. The essential component of SCULPT is incorporating experimental data and knowledge of the structure of the target into the design process.  Dozens of design iterations are performed until candidates with optimal ADMET properties, predicted affinity and molecular diversity are obtained.


In collaboration with Atoms 2 Applications LLC

Atoms 2 Applications LLC, is a pharmaceutical research consulting company specializing in computer-aided drug design and the development of preclinical discovery programs.  A2A combines interdisciplinary ingenuity with computational tools to streamline discovery and lead optimization.

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Overview Of Design Process

The SCULPT Platform



Designed libraries to match key target features

Unique platform

Combines multiples programs, scripts and approaches


Upwards of 100,000,000 molécules/target.


Iterative rounds of design,filtering and optimization.

More info on A2A website

A2A website

Analyse your Leads with ECIS Platform


Cellular Screening

The perfect tool to discover the drugs of tomorrow, and made a screening in real time, on living cells and label free

Toxicology studies

Systemic toxicology and hepatotoxicity assays can be made with ECIS platform


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